Vinyasa Level 2

Bonda Yoga Vinyasa 2 ClassVinyasa Level 2 will go deeper into the principles and foundation set in the Vinyasa Level 1/2. Intermediate through advanced practitioners with an understanding of proper alignment principles will benefit from the attention brought to the foundation built upon in previous classes adding in energetic integration through the use of Bandhas (energetic locks). Vinyasa Level 2 will offer the practitioner an opportunity to explore the physical and energetic integration in the postures and then utilize this energy to establish an easeful quality to the postures even when quite challenging.

More challenging sequences and transitions will be practiced in the Vinyasa Level 2, designed to build strength and flexibility, while increasing concentration and balance. Inversions, binds and arm balances will be taught beginning with preps and teaching proper muscle integration and body mechanics to move safely into a deeper expression of the pose. This class will build a solid foundation leading to a safe, strong practice of advanced postures.