Vinyasa Level 1/2

Vinyasa 1/2Vinyasa Level 1/2 builds upon the foundations taught in the Vinyasa Open so more advanced options of postures can be explored safely. A solid foundation will allow for steady progress and an increase in strength and flexibility which is essential for a strong, healthy body and mind.

Vinyasa Level 1/2 is appropriate for intermediate to advanced practitioners who are looking to explore more challenging postures with attention to deeper alignment principles and muscle integration.

The sequences build strength and flexibility, connecting the fluidity of breath and movement, while increasing concentration and balance. This fluidity between breath and movement brings a meditative quality to an intense practice so not only does the body get stronger, but the practice as a whole begins to bring the practitioner to a deeper awareness of the mind, body, spirit connection.

Inversions, arm balances and binds will be explored. Preps and modifications will be offered so all practitioners can work at their own pace and level.