Vinyasa Beginner

This is where your journey begins...All levels of fitness and flexibility are welcome!Vinyasa Beginners

Beginners Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class will focus on the foundations of movement and breath/body awareness which is so important to cultivate as a new practitioner. Foundations and principles of yoga posture (asana) alignment will be combined with breathing techniques creating a safe learning environment and a physical practice of yoga that is an enjoyable path toward self-discovery.

Beginners Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class will help beginners develop body awareness with the focus on syncronized movement and breath to bring awareness to the deeper aspects of emotional energy as well as mental energy within the physical body. This allows the practitioner to develop a practice that goes beyond the physical. The resuls may be changes in diet, positive self image, overall health and mental well-being.

Beginners Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class will create a foundation to build upon throughout the yoga practice in a safe learning environment for even the most novice practitioner.

Modifications are offered and a strong foundation is taught for those who would like to transition safely into an Open Level Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class or Principles of Alignment Yoga Class

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