Posture Clinic

Posture ClinicOur Posture Clinics will personalize your practice by focusing on how YOU are doing each pose. This Clinic will allow you to dig deep and learn different ways to feel proper alignment in your body. Posture Clinic will help alleviate everyday physical discomforts as well as make yoga postures you thought were beyond your ability attainable.

We will utilize yoga postures to determine habitual patterns of movement that can cause chronic aches and pains. By analyzing the misalignments that present themselves in each participant we can begin to change the habitual patterns of movement in everyday life. With this awareness, we can create muscle memory leading to more integration, fluidity and strength in yoga postures. This strength will translate into all daily movements bringing you into your Optimal Alignment for life.

Please check out our Workshops Page for upcoming Posture Clinics.

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