MethodologyAt Bonda Yoga we believe a strong foundation, set early on, is the key to a long, healthy and injury-free practice. Our philosophy is based on years of experience in various disciplines resulting in the marriage of energetic awareness and anatomical sequencing. This awareness of energy and the attention placed on alignment - even in our flow classes - allows each practitioner to feel the misalignments in their own bodies. Through awareness and muscle memory, we can begin to change these patterns of movement not only in the practice, but in all movements of life.

By following the energetic qualities of the postures, we avoid a ‘roller coaster’ effect which can leave students feeling frenzied and/or depleted. Our method moves with the ebb and flow of breath and allows for smooth transitions physically and energetically. This fluidity brings a meditative quality to even an intense practice so not only does the body get stronger, but it also offers an opportunity to explore the physical and energetic integration in the postures. We can then utilize this energy to establish an easeful quality to the postures even when challenging.

A practice that begins with a strong physical foundation and allows room for each practitioners’ unique experience results in a practice that evolves quickly and safely on all levels.