New To Yoga

New To Yoga

Welcome to Bonda Yoga and the start of a wonderful journey! At Bonda Yoga, our goal is to provide all of our students with a guide to achieve their goals and help navigate through the sometimes confusing maze of options.

As a new practitioner, and with all the choices of yoga classes, it can feel overwhelming to choose the right class. Let us help - below is a list of the various classes offered at Bonda Yoga as well as a suggested progressive order to give all students an idea of where to begin.

Progressive Order of Class Types

All of the classes at Bonda Yoga offer a solid foundation that prepare you for the next level classes. By following the suggested progression you will become stronger in the physical practice and go deeper into the spiritual aspects of the practice as well. Below is a list of class offerings and the suggested order in which to approach them if you are brand new to the practice:

In addition, we offer Posture Clinics which assess your posture through yoga positions to determine habitual patterns of movement that can cause chronic aches and pains. This is a great supplement to other group classes to help you on your way to a long and healthy relationship with the yoga practice. Take a look at our Workshop Schedule to see when these clinics are being offered.

By starting at the class appropriate to your level of fitness, you will build a strong foundation which leads to a safe, injury-free practice. There will also be a noticeable change in your strength, body awareness and alignment as well as your state of mind.

Starting a yoga practice is a journey of body, mind and spirit. All three must be nurtured to reap the amazing benefits that this practice of yoga offers.

Things to Know on Your First Day

  • Arrive 10 minutes before your first class.
  • Please set cell phones to silent NOT vibrate upon entering the studio.
  • Please do not wear perfume.
  • Sign in for your class with the front desk.
  • Let our front desk team member know that it is your first time at Bonda Yoga.

We offer towels at no charge. There is a hot/cold filtered water cooler for complimentary tea. We encourage our students to bring refillable water bottles to help cut back on the use of plastic bottles.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your personal goals with us please contact us or call 516-304-5757.