Claudia Lanzetta

Claudia was dragged to her first yoga class by her mother more than 10 years ago to the same space now happily owned by Bonda Yoga East! That first 100 degree, 90 minute practice transformed her life and she has been an avid yoga practitioner every since. A self proclaimed "gym rat", yoga offered her a transcendent experience; a way to round out her other fitness regimes; a greater challenge for both body and mind; and a sanctuary from the everyday hecticness. She began teaching in 2006, initially the 26 posture hot series, and then drawn to the more demanding flow, concentrating in heated vinyasa. She has grown to incorporate spirituality and yoga theory into her classes, strongly believing that yoga is so much more than the postures; it's most essential elements being breath and presence. It's that presence or awareness and breath that she encourages students to take off their mat and into their lives. Claudia balances her yoga practice by being a principal law clerk to a Supreme Court Judge by day. She has competed in Ms. Fit and Figure competitions, and has also been a Yoga Ambassador for LuluLemon, Manhasset location. She is grateful for all that yoga has brought to her life including the opportunity to teach at Bonda Yoga alongside amazing and inspirational instructors. She hopes to pass along all the benefits she has and continues to receive to others. Happiness, Love, Peace. Namaste.