Bonda Kids Yoga

These classes provide a fun and imaginative experience in a non-competitive environment designed to empower kids. Bonda Kids Yoga promotes inner strength, self-esteem, improved concentration and cooperation, allowing kids to grow into their bodies and relationships with mindfulness, compassion and a love of oneself inside and out.

 Yoga: Tap into the many health benefits - Mayo Clinic


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"Yoga is important to me because when I do it, it lets out my stress. The teachers here are really good, they help yoga become easier and help you through each pose. "


"I love yoga because it calms and relaxes me and our teacher Robin is always very calm and she always uses a very relaxing voice."


"I love yoga because I'm very active and crazy throughout the day and the teachers help me through each step, making me better at yoga."

Abby E.

"I love yoga because it works on my balance and flexibility and its the only time I have some peace."

Dani F.